MA1 - Advanced Division Points Leaders

Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Casey Casey
Phill Diloné Phill Diloné
Rocky Batty V Rocky Batty V
Daniel Zaleski Daniel Zaleski
discgolfdrew discgolfdrew
John smith John smith
tstolo tstolo
Matthew Hill Matthew Hill
Michael Robinson Michael Robinson
Jeremy Bledsoe Jeremy Bledsoe
Qball Qball
Roastymarshmelo Roastymarshmelo
Sean Martin Sean Martin
Jeremy Buzea Jeremy Buzea
David Normand David Normand
Brad Ayotte Brad Ayotte
Snowd11 Snowd11
Zachary Todd Zachary Todd
Lee Chiang Lee Chiang
Nickdiscgolf Nickdiscgolf
Benjamin Mondor Benjamin Mondor
Crappygeorge4 Crappygeorge4
Jarred M Jarred M
Bugbee Bugbee
Daniel Jones Daniel Jones
Eric T Eric T
TommyGunz3 TommyGunz3
David MacLean David MacLean
Stephen Presley Stephen Presley
alexdragon13 alexdragon13
Shane Evans Shane Evans
Mitchell Ramirez Mitchell Ramirez
Josh Day Josh Day
Chunder Mifflin Chunder Mifflin
Nick Skaale Nick Skaale
Justin Teller Justin Teller
Joshua Storgaard Joshua Storgaard
Kevin Mosteller Kevin Mosteller
Ray Sabol Ray Sabol
Aaron Cornwell Aaron Cornwell
Deaf Mike Deaf Mike
Robert Cummings III Robert Cummings III
Alex Huebner Alex Huebner
Cameron76brown Cameron76brown
Jdavis89850 Jdavis89850
Joshua Buss Joshua Buss
Jared Clasper Jared Clasper
Niko Nicholson Niko Nicholson
Boomer8388 Boomer8388
rustman rustman
RedJedi RedJedi
Manny Manny
Sean Kelly Sean Kelly
lazer beam mitch lazer beam mitch
Derek Zaragoza Derek Zaragoza
Andy Bullard Andy Bullard
Joshua Delafield Joshua Delafield
Djs02020 Djs02020
Phillip Murray Phillip Murray
jtdewhurst jtdewhurst
Steven Derochie Steven Derochie
BogeyBrother+1 BogeyBrother+1
Miquaith Miquaith
Brad Bullerdieck Brad Bullerdieck
Ethan Pollack Ethan Pollack
Joe Nelson Joe Nelson
Nate Reiner Nate Reiner
Austin DeVries Austin DeVries
triggafinga2516 triggafinga2516
Noahkersenbrock Noahkersenbrock
Rudy Pulido Rudy Pulido
Owen Sparks Owen Sparks
Scott Fortier Scott Fortier
Brandon Luebbering Brandon Luebbering
Dakota Hopkins Dakota Hopkins
Justin Teller Justin Teller
Jason Kaeding Jason Kaeding
Jesus Teran Jesus Teran
Matthew Allen Matthew Allen
Bern52001 Bern52001
Zach Murphy Zach Murphy
Anthony.G Anthony.G
Joey Zekos Joey Zekos
Darkside54x Darkside54x
Justin Knowles Justin Knowles
Keeghan “kid krush” ordonez Keeghan “kid krush” ordonez
Charles Larson Charles Larson
Chris Isom Chris Isom
London Holmes London Holmes
Kevin Free Kevin Free
noahfree noahfree
JonMcBeth JonMcBeth
massacur14 massacur14
Jesse73532 Jesse73532
Timothy Lutz Timothy Lutz
Chance Stephens Chance Stephens
Christopher Rodriguez Christopher Rodriguez
Michael Arauza Michael Arauza
Mind Open Blake Mind Open Blake
Aceup Aceup
Carl Lipford Carl Lipford
Jonathan Peek Jonathan Peek
Terry Belmosto Terry Belmosto
Andrew Barker Andrew Barker
Allisoka Allisoka
Tyler Lesak Tyler Lesak
Cole Redalen Cole Redalen
James Willson James Willson
Sean D. Alexander Sean D. Alexander
Zach Finwall Zach Finwall
Joe Joe
Amcgett Amcgett
Dominic Martin Dominic Martin
James McIntyre James McIntyre
Jeb Anderson Jeb Anderson
Kyle Lees Kyle Lees
nikola mileusnic nikola mileusnic
Bhender2 Bhender2
Jake Spencer Jake Spencer
Lee Semke Lee Semke
Dan Stratton Dan Stratton
Jesse Hickerson Jesse Hickerson
Drew Drew
Mattad0rk Mattad0rk
The Disc Doc The Disc Doc
Tony Hreha Tony Hreha
Dusty Nadeau Dusty Nadeau
Jordan Stout Jordan Stout
Jason mathe Jason mathe
augie augie
Garrett Garrett
Mitchell Johnson Mitchell Johnson
the_brockStar the_brockStar
Josh Delp Josh Delp
daryljmorris daryljmorris
Jeremy Dubose Jeremy Dubose
Kelly Stringer Kelly Stringer
Jojo Armijo Jojo Armijo
RoyalNonesuch RoyalNonesuch
Matthew De La Rosa Matthew De La Rosa
Bill Herra Bill Herra
Jarji Jarji
Jason Aldrich Jason Aldrich
Scott Watson Scott Watson
Isaac Jensen Isaac Jensen
Richard Renfro Richard Renfro
Brandon Vaughan Brandon Vaughan
Steve Aliberti Steve Aliberti
Derrick Ross Derrick Ross
Colin Frank Colin Frank
Jared Jared
Carson Edmunds Carson Edmunds
Henley117 Henley117
Austin Nichols Austin Nichols
Derek M Derek M
Adam Costello Adam Costello
JBoggus7509 JBoggus7509
Micah Morehead Micah Morehead
Joshua snaps Garcia Joshua snaps Garcia
Chan-C Chan-C
Ryan Blazic Ryan Blazic
Auston sisk Auston sisk
Blake Zakutansky Blake Zakutansky
David MacLean David MacLean
hwalk12 hwalk12
iamRickdiculous iamRickdiculous
Rick Watkins Rick Watkins
TheAllen TheAllen
Zach Koetz Zach Koetz
Ben Wilcox Ben Wilcox
Eli Webb Eli Webb
Sam Webster Sam Webster
Phillip Raschkow Phillip Raschkow
Stephendajr Stephendajr
Patrick Haaker Patrick Haaker
Shaun Kosnikowski Shaun Kosnikowski
Cooper Siebers Cooper Siebers
Luke Freeman Luke Freeman
Drake Harter Drake Harter
Blake Faulkner Blake Faulkner
Jdouglass425 Jdouglass425
ChaseP1120 ChaseP1120
Shawn Madden Shawn Madden
LouisAnnino LouisAnnino
Mammoth Mammoth
Bobosupreme Bobosupreme
Brando605 Brando605
Chad Williamson Chad Williamson
James LeBaube James LeBaube
Justin Justin
Kyle Klein Kyle Klein
Tyler Batton Tyler Batton
Extra Mayo Extra Mayo
Jssides Jssides
Daegan Acevedo Daegan Acevedo
Stephan Stephan
Andrew De La Rosa IV Andrew De La Rosa IV
Brandon Barnes Brandon Barnes
Chase Luster Chase Luster
Chris Gomez Chris Gomez
Clinton Conley Clinton Conley
Dillon Benson Dillon Benson
Dillon Dyer Dillon Dyer
Eric Eric
Ethan Ethan
Hunter Brack Hunter Brack
Jeremy Rosas Jeremy Rosas
Jeric “J-Flo” Flores Jeric “J-Flo” Flores
Jerrod Harmon Jerrod Harmon
Jonathan Rodriguez Jonathan Rodriguez
Justin Pena Justin Pena
Kirby Carter Kirby Carter
Kyle Jones Kyle Jones
Nate Nate
Rhonda Howery Rhonda Howery
Silverback Silverback
Thad Hartman Thad Hartman
Tripp Keith Tripp Keith
Tyler Baker Tyler Baker
William Holland William Holland
William Layman William Layman
Zachary Gates Zachary Gates
rileymane rileymane
Daniel Lee Daniel Lee
Ben Camarillo Ben Camarillo
Chadd Scruggs Chadd Scruggs
Chase Underwood Chase Underwood
Samuel Dodd Lll Samuel Dodd Lll
Christopher Steffen Christopher Steffen
Benjamin Cockrel Benjamin Cockrel
Keith "The Prez" Miskell Keith "The Prez" Miskell
Chip Bryan Chip Bryan
Dylan Steele Dylan Steele
Alex Kuchel Alex Kuchel
Blake Bottaro Blake Bottaro
Colin McHenry Colin McHenry
Ryan Ryan
David McKim David McKim
Christopher Kelley Christopher Kelley
Will Elkins Will Elkins
Zach Finwall Zach Finwall
George Shellady George Shellady
njeffers5 njeffers5
Caleb Campbell Caleb Campbell
Michael Andrews Michael Andrews
chris brown chris brown
Alex Shurtleff Alex Shurtleff
Brian Dean Brian Dean
Bruce Daily Bruce Daily
Caleb ackley Caleb ackley
Daniel Dancoe Daniel Dancoe
Discjay Discjay
Mayo Mayo
Nathanael Anderson Nathanael Anderson
SearingSpear92 SearingSpear92
thehickorykid thehickorykid
Tommy Townsend Tommy Townsend
Luc Ried Luc Ried
Coleton Clifft Coleton Clifft
Ethan Compas Ethan Compas
Josh Morgan Josh Morgan
Patrick Hoffmann Patrick Hoffmann
Paul hohnbaum Paul hohnbaum
Weylin MP 77949 Weylin MP 77949
Dean Rawlings Dean Rawlings
Hunter Copeland Hunter Copeland
John Strange John Strange
Kenny Hope Kenny Hope
Donnie Real Deal Geel Donnie Real Deal Geel
Nate Burlingame Nate Burlingame
Colby Colby
Joseph Dyer Joseph Dyer
Marty Gregwah Marty Gregwah
Ian Burrows Ian Burrows
Jeremiah Starkey Jeremiah Starkey
MoMo MoMo
Justin Stanton Justin Stanton
Julian Thompson Julian Thompson
Ryan Erquiaga Ryan Erquiaga
Jon gipson Jon gipson
Rick Sonny Liston Rick Sonny Liston
Matt McClure Matt McClure
John Revilla John Revilla
BigNug74928 BigNug74928
Brice kosten Brice kosten
Daniel Cassidy Daniel Cassidy
JaCoby Smith JaCoby Smith
Joeshaus Joeshaus
Matt Coultas Matt Coultas
michael Rogers michael Rogers
Nathan Brockmeir Nathan Brockmeir
Blake Lemen Blake Lemen
Robert Daniel Robert Daniel
Adrian Toledo Adrian Toledo
Dustin Schreiner Dustin Schreiner
Adam Leathers Adam Leathers
Blair Moline Blair Moline
Greg Harris Greg Harris
Josh Taylor Josh Taylor
Todd-Vibram Todd-Vibram
Bobby Klevorn Bobby Klevorn
Eric Powers Eric Powers
Viper Viper
Broncz Broncz
Chris Jackson Chris Jackson
Pat Ellison Pat Ellison
Shane kirby Shane kirby
Teagan Stradley Teagan Stradley
scottreek scottreek
Bryan Wilson Bryan Wilson
Will Will