MA3 - Recreational Division Points Leaders

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Will the Thrill Will the Thrill
Bogiepro Bogiepro
Kelly Myers Kelly Myers
CScott34 CScott34
GChance GChance
M.Wisnieski M.Wisnieski
Brent DeMateo Brent DeMateo
David Cook David Cook
PurpleShroud PurpleShroud
Jared Kirk Jared Kirk
Turk Turk
Conrad Hunt Conrad Hunt
Patrick Allen Patrick Allen
Kal-El Kal-El
Dustin Brewer Dustin Brewer
hailjm hailjm
Schmitty920 Schmitty920
ct0409 ct0409
Treemagnet Treemagnet
maa4208 maa4208
Josh Slager Josh Slager
Bill Bill
Jeff Jeff
Alex Ramirez Alex Ramirez
Nathan Balko Nathan Balko
joseph robles joseph robles
Jefdanlo Jefdanlo
John Mckibben John Mckibben
Mike Smiz Mike Smiz
pasz10 pasz10
Scott Boyd Scott Boyd
Jesse Clifton Jesse Clifton
Beckett Crossman Beckett Crossman
Vernon Manning Vernon Manning
B83188 B83188
ShaunBagley ShaunBagley
Scott Baldwin Scott Baldwin
Jon Hollis Jon Hollis
Chris Myrick Chris Myrick
Gann14 Gann14
Ocean1222 Ocean1222
Greg Atenian Greg Atenian
Jeremy Rusnack Jeremy Rusnack
johnson johnson
Steve Steve
Jason Stuntz Jason Stuntz
Scarbs13 Scarbs13
Fernando Alvarez Fernando Alvarez
Carter Duclos Carter Duclos
Mark Sanchez Mark Sanchez
Stephen_Scoggins Stephen_Scoggins
Drewski Drewski
Joe Carpenter Joe Carpenter
Robert Lake Robert Lake
GolfnChef24 GolfnChef24
IronZen IronZen
Carlos Arechar Carlos Arechar
Randy Bell Randy Bell
Cade Swanson Cade Swanson
fRoss Thomas fRoss Thomas
AJ Gates AJ Gates
Robert Martin Robert Martin
Joey cash Joey cash
Eolis666 Eolis666
vauxthecolin vauxthecolin
Kyle Rogers Kyle Rogers
David David
Synkow Synkow
Hunter Peacock Hunter Peacock
Aiden DeWitt Aiden DeWitt
Morgan Long Morgan Long
Chris Miller Chris Miller
Liger Woods Liger Woods
Collin Williams Collin Williams
Marcus Pratt Marcus Pratt
Jason Norris Jason Norris
Will Mason Will Mason
mk6ppc mk6ppc
Don Wall Don Wall
Chris Henley Chris Henley
daniel whitehurst daniel whitehurst
Tyler Ragsdale Tyler Ragsdale
arvinchavez arvinchavez
Rob Stark Rob Stark
Jason.reece Jason.reece
Jason Gumulauski Jason Gumulauski
Tyler Howell Tyler Howell
Marinox Marinox
Parker Hastings Parker Hastings
Justin Warren Justin Warren
Nade Murray Nade Murray
PSilva PSilva
Tom Samborski Tom Samborski
Jordan Jewdon Cohen Jordan Jewdon Cohen
Doc Castle Doc Castle
Brian N Brian N
Adam Hardy Adam Hardy
Jesse New Jesse New
Burt Grimsley Burt Grimsley
Pat Tribbett Pat Tribbett
rvrchad rvrchad
Robert Jungblut Robert Jungblut
DuffedPuttz DuffedPuttz
Marty Hollingshead Marty Hollingshead
Paul Wiley Paul Wiley
James Heersema James Heersema
Patrick Patrick
Brett M Capps Brett M Capps
Christian Davidson Christian Davidson
Craig Miller Craig Miller
Corey Evans Corey Evans
Johnathan Hurst Johnathan Hurst
Eric Bicon Eric Bicon
Nolan Pittman Nolan Pittman
Rbrown27610 Rbrown27610
Tra Tra
Brad Canez Brad Canez
Cary Moore Cary Moore
Daniel Akins Daniel Akins
William Huffman William Huffman
codydad420 codydad420
KP_Unlimited KP_Unlimited
Benagain Benagain
droegerdanny droegerdanny
dharris dharris
Baylee Lester Baylee Lester
Chris Shaw Chris Shaw
Nolan Pittman (aka Phil Good) Nolan Pittman (aka Phil Good)
Marshall Trotter Marshall Trotter
James Posey James Posey
Scott Livingston Scott Livingston
Tyler C Young Tyler C Young
Vaggio Vaggio
Spencer Knoop Spencer Knoop
Red Red
Andrew Leifermann Andrew Leifermann
Michael Streams Michael Streams
Matthew Dewitt Matthew Dewitt
Dunkamo Dunkamo
Ryan Langbehn Ryan Langbehn
Brock Foster Brock Foster
Adam DeBoer Adam DeBoer
Braijon Glover Braijon Glover
Ryan Banks Ryan Banks
Blake Rankin Blake Rankin
Jeffery Brisendine Jeffery Brisendine
Joe Mistal Joe Mistal
Nicholas Strohm Nicholas Strohm
Alex Kirkwood Alex Kirkwood
Jeremy Robinson Jeremy Robinson
mannix mannix
Agent Smith Agent Smith
Brycearoni8 Brycearoni8
Nick Golob Nick Golob
Joel White Joel White
Dan Dan
Drew Robinson Drew Robinson
Bailey Moore Bailey Moore
Hammersticks Hammersticks
Matt Driscoll Matt Driscoll
Chris howard Chris howard
peterj peterj
Chris Brackett Chris Brackett
Daniel Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez
Anthony Montoya Anthony Montoya
TTaylor TTaylor
Bob Hansen Bob Hansen
Vinny P Vinny P
RS61547 RS61547
Sambidextrious Sambidextrious
rogerc rogerc
Scott Cattelino Scott Cattelino
Tristan Taylor Tristan Taylor
Antonio Pizano Antonio Pizano
Tommy Tommy
Jim Miller Jim Miller
Peetree101 Peetree101
Bryce Barwick Bryce Barwick
Bob Miller Bob Miller
Firedude2099 Firedude2099
Charlotte Christensen Charlotte Christensen
Anthony Richter Anthony Richter
codyryan89 codyryan89
Kenneth Kenneth
Cyle Parker Cyle Parker
Product 508 Product 508
Nathan Vader Nathan Vader
Jason Noble Jason Noble
Chris Eldredge Chris Eldredge
Gary McFadden Gary McFadden
Andrew Conrad Andrew Conrad
donny raisanen jr. donny raisanen jr.
jmess4 jmess4
kevin dude kevin dude
John Scheinpflug John Scheinpflug
Colbey Snow Colbey Snow
sdob sdob
William Miller William Miller
Serafin Salgado Serafin Salgado
Michael Natera Michael Natera
Jackson Johnson Jackson Johnson
Jordan Hoglund Jordan Hoglund
Josh Falcone Josh Falcone
Lee Johnson Lee Johnson
Kyle Reetz Kyle Reetz
Johnny Johnny
Brett Dillon Brett Dillon
Kris Lohraff Kris Lohraff
miles miles
Anthony Evans Anthony Evans
Colton Davis Colton Davis
Jules Van Ausdeln Jules Van Ausdeln
Russell Scott Russell Scott
Global Disc Golf Global Disc Golf
Tyler D. Tyler D.
majinzeta majinzeta
James Wagers James Wagers
Jacob Kapper Jacob Kapper
Kevin Stauffer Kevin Stauffer
James Mosteller James Mosteller
Preston Brown Preston Brown
Daniel E Daniel E
Nick Lane Nick Lane
Chancery Denbrook Chancery Denbrook
Scotty Banks Scotty Banks
Antony Bowman Antony Bowman
Clinton shireman Clinton shireman
Alex Naron Alex Naron
Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie
Richard Shane Becker Richard Shane Becker
Rich Klumph Rich Klumph
RJ Hedger RJ Hedger
Christian Mount Christian Mount
Robert"Jake" Chapman Robert"Jake" Chapman
MarkKilgore MarkKilgore
Connor Morris Connor Morris
Charles Mathews Charles Mathews
RussH RussH
Fredy Flores Fredy Flores
Danny Danny
Patrick Bruck Patrick Bruck
Adam Michaud Adam Michaud
William Fleming William Fleming
FcwAce FcwAce
StevenPug StevenPug
tsharrock tsharrock
Chance Cox Chance Cox
Theresa Martin Theresa Martin
Aaron Spangler Aaron Spangler
JP77 JP77
Ashton Kaylor Ashton Kaylor
Shawn Hackney Shawn Hackney
Micah Reynolds Micah Reynolds
Brandon Wilson Brandon Wilson
Gabriel Strong Gabriel Strong
Jeff Nye Jeff Nye
JeremyHayes JeremyHayes
Michael Carranza Michael Carranza
Brian Bochantin Brian Bochantin
Zackery Sanchez Zackery Sanchez
Griff Hays Griff Hays
Tpetty99 Tpetty99
Gordon Gregory Jr Gordon Gregory Jr
mackj2 mackj2
Tommy Miller Tommy Miller
Jeff Quint Jeff Quint
Alex Rode Alex Rode
Lion Forrest Lion Forrest
john rogers john rogers
Paul Fielder Paul Fielder
Danny Lee Priest Danny Lee Priest
Ryan Shope Ryan Shope
Steven Rose Steven Rose
Rudythedude Rudythedude
Dillon Groves Dillon Groves
Scott Walton Scott Walton
Deron Deron
Erik Morales Erik Morales
Stefan Sandoval Stefan Sandoval
Mrsizemore Mrsizemore
Michael Michael
Braden Green Braden Green
Taylor Taylor
Testiclese Dragius Testiclese Dragius
Clinton Smith Clinton Smith
Bret Cragen Bret Cragen
Richie Haines Richie Haines
Adam Johnston Adam Johnston
Derek Wodoson Derek Wodoson
Nicholas King Nicholas King
Josh Mallett Josh Mallett
cody McCune cody McCune
Roger Richeson Roger Richeson
Kaden Peterson Kaden Peterson
Kody Cowen Kody Cowen
Russell Mason Russell Mason
Rob Hershinow Rob Hershinow
Philip Stroud Philip Stroud
McMooch McMooch
Dan Meyers Dan Meyers
Jay Sweezy Jay Sweezy
jdgodfrey68 jdgodfrey68
Greg Norton Greg Norton
Nathan McKinnon Nathan McKinnon
Joseph Woodring Joseph Woodring
Jack Search Jack Search
Garrett Dupree Garrett Dupree
Cody Roberts Cody Roberts
Evan Kolander Evan Kolander
Disc Go Sam Disc Go Sam
Peter Hildebrand Peter Hildebrand
Bodhi79 Bodhi79
Erik Butterfield Erik Butterfield
Alex Freeman Alex Freeman
Steven Bendt Steven Bendt
Disc Angler Disc Angler
Derek Hackney Derek Hackney
Kris Seymour Kris Seymour
Bmonts353 Bmonts353
Chad Lacey Chad Lacey
Rhett Baxley Rhett Baxley
Lindsey Conway Lindsey Conway
Greg Schuler Greg Schuler
Robert Robert
Kaybow Kaybow
Trey Trey
ken magee ken magee
Donnie Case Donnie Case
Cody Splain Cody Splain
Jason Sensat Jason Sensat
Ken Baker Ken Baker
Daniel.youngblood Daniel.youngblood
Justin ALLEN Justin ALLEN
MIKE Sellers MIKE Sellers
Gary Cooper Gary Cooper
Brandon Smith Brandon Smith
Adam Horton Adam Horton
Benjamin Reinhart Benjamin Reinhart
Jason Johnson Jason Johnson
Dalin Farren Dalin Farren
Daniel Robinson Daniel Robinson
Robert Reid Robert Reid
Reetz13 Reetz13
Jeff Board Jeff Board
Don Braxton Don Braxton
David Miranda David Miranda
Matthew Knauf Matthew Knauf
Imanu Imanu
brian cloyd brian cloyd
George Prigge George Prigge
joshjones joshjones
Briar Hass Briar Hass
Brigham Tanton Brigham Tanton
Andrew Reed Andrew Reed
Douglas Pyle Douglas Pyle
Jason Wiles Jason Wiles
Dylan Nicholson Dylan Nicholson
WasteyFace WasteyFace
Elwood Sanders Elwood Sanders
Steven J Ritchey Steven J Ritchey
Russell Hanson Russell Hanson
kevin sheridan kevin sheridan
Boushay Boushay
Larry Larry
Chris Lubbers Chris Lubbers
Justin Waldrop Justin Waldrop
Kaleb Faulkner Kaleb Faulkner
George Rhode George Rhode
Kyle Downs Kyle Downs
Kevin Burrell Kevin Burrell
Jacko Jacko
Cody Valcarcel Cody Valcarcel
RossDaBoss Fry RossDaBoss Fry
Pete Smith Pete Smith
NicholasJones1998 NicholasJones1998
Patrick Likes Patrick Likes
Alex Worm Alex Worm
Darryll Ocacio Darryll Ocacio