MA40 - Amateur Master 40+ Division Points Leaders

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Michael Bugbee Michael Bugbee
Robert Cummings III Robert Cummings III
derek peavey derek peavey
Smash Smash
Nathan Lochner Nathan Lochner
brandon cruz brandon cruz
Robert Tate Robert Tate
Michael Stephenson Michael Stephenson
Eddie Groves Groves Eddie Groves Groves
Joel_C Joel_C
Buck Buck 'Yeah' Rich
BZ Strick BZ Strick
William Turnbull William Turnbull
Gene Sorg Gene Sorg
sumrich421 sumrich421
Lucas Lawrence Lucas Lawrence
Mike Redman Mike Redman
Brandon Bartlett Brandon Bartlett
Michael Fiyak Michael Fiyak
Matt Van Dusen Matt Van Dusen
Marty Cooper Marty Cooper
Timothy Paul Wright Timothy Paul Wright
Dustin Hoox Dustin Hoox
Rad Strad Rad Strad
Fish Fish
Chance Stephens Chance Stephens
Dan Picchione Dan Picchione
Jon Jon
Braden Walters Braden Walters
Truc Nguyen Truc Nguyen
Mr. Blue Mr. Blue
Ez Irie Ez Irie
Conrad Brown Conrad Brown
Rick Sonny Liston Rick Sonny Liston
cteeple cteeple
BC Brice BC Brice
SMiller SMiller
Roger Jimenez Roger Jimenez
jjwolfe jjwolfe
Jeff Cornish Jeff Cornish
Sean Sean 'Vegas' Chirgwin
Jeremycroke Jeremycroke
William Atkinson William Atkinson
Carolina Reaper Carolina Reaper
Justin Martineau Justin Martineau
Tom W Tom W
Murray Friesen Murray Friesen
Acesymmetric Acesymmetric
Paul Paul
Rick Menard Rick Menard
Jason Yob Jason Yob
Gratch13 Gratch13
Lobo Lobo
Cory Cory
Donald Jenkins Donald Jenkins
Alfred Zuidhof Alfred Zuidhof
Zac Zac
Jerbob Jerbob
Aaron Gates Aaron Gates
Frank Chaffin Frank Chaffin
Ralph B Robinson Ralph B Robinson
Gcollier Gcollier
Leon Goodstriker Leon Goodstriker
Walkert1979 Walkert1979
Chris Ericks Chris Ericks
Jason Carter Jason Carter
Felipe valdez Felipe valdez
Noel P Meekma Noel P Meekma
John “hulk” Melms John “hulk” Melms
Bryan Pyrskalla Bryan Pyrskalla
Justin "JT" Taylor Justin "JT" Taylor
kcarlson35146 kcarlson35146
Damon Damon
Mason Mathews Mason Mathews
five2loves42 five2loves42
Webb Warren Webb Warren
Daniel Lewis Daniel Lewis
Zac Murray Zac Murray
Michael Nonne Michael Nonne
Conrad Conrad
Josh Josh
Pat Govang Pat Govang
Robert Allison Robert Allison
Garin Garin
Andre zuidhof Andre zuidhof
Craig Dizzle Craig Dizzle
jscottallen jscottallen
Michael Ballestas Michael Ballestas
The Mailman The Mailman
Brian Boru Brian Boru
Ted Couillard Ted Couillard
Tim Driedger Tim Driedger
Shane Helle Shane Helle
Jason Palmer Jason Palmer
bob bob
Will Duncan Will Duncan
Clay Layton Clay Layton
Jerid Ludwig Jerid Ludwig
Rick Rick
Sparky Sparky
Terry Terry
Carl Mcgirt Carl Mcgirt
Steve Pierce Steve Pierce
Jason Drummond Jason Drummond
Ron-D Ron-D
Jesse Mohler Jesse Mohler
Greg Lambert Greg Lambert
Matteo Madrone Matteo Madrone
Mark Muncy Mark Muncy
German Torrijos German Torrijos
Brian Swezy Brian Swezy
Brian Brian
Dennis Allmon Dennis Allmon
Ed Daniel Ed Daniel
Mrmeseeks Mrmeseeks
meeotch meeotch
Travis Lindsay Travis Lindsay
Jason Williams Jason Williams
Douglas Dwyer Douglas Dwyer
Bdg304 Bdg304
Jon Kaylor Jon Kaylor
DG Yeti DG Yeti
Jeffrey Spencer Jeffrey Spencer
John Diestelow John Diestelow
Michael Andrews Michael Andrews
Corey Efird Corey Efird
Billy Reid Billy Reid
Dr. Ribeye Dr. Ribeye
Dino Arellano Dino Arellano
Kenay Roycroft The Third Kenay Roycroft The Third
Dude Dude
Michael Vrba Michael Vrba
Louis Evans IV Louis Evans IV
Kento Kento
Alan Alan
Cory Lucas Cory Lucas
Matthew Matthew
Joe A Joe A
kris lawless kris lawless
Kevin Cook Kevin Cook
Mike Santiago Mike Santiago
Sean Harpster Sean Harpster
kingphysics kingphysics
Jason Johnson Jason Johnson
Ray Bullard Ray Bullard
Jeff Schwickerath Jeff Schwickerath
Brian Moon Brian Moon
Jeremy Crago Jeremy Crago
Jose Martin Jose Martin
Octave Dealminana Octave Dealminana
Michael David Michael David
Brian Pond Brian Pond
Cleveland Gobert Cleveland Gobert
Roger Norton Roger Norton
john creswell john creswell
Nate James Nate James
ken magee ken magee
John Petesron John Petesron
DiscGo420Star DiscGo420Star
Steve Manat Steve Manat
Michael Woodard Michael Woodard
Damon Culver Damon Culver
Jason McEwen Jason McEwen
Bainesworth Bainesworth
Alan Alan
Richard White Richard White
Joe Mo Joe Mo
Corey Birmingham Corey Birmingham
Melvin Balogh Melvin Balogh
Scott Butler Scott Butler
Travis Harrell Travis Harrell
Benjamin Weber Benjamin Weber
Scotty B Scotty B
Shad Barrientos Shad Barrientos
Scott Hansen Scott Hansen
Jeremy Williams Jeremy Williams
Joe Dyson Joe Dyson
Nathan Snyder Nathan Snyder
Tyrell Peters Tyrell Peters
Sean Sean
Jay Vasquez Jay Vasquez
Brian Chan Brian Chan
Adam Hixson Adam Hixson
William Mason William Mason
KC Klein KC Klein
Evan Peter Evan Peter
K2 K2
Roy Hale Roy Hale
Opollard Opollard
drew McDowell drew McDowell
Chris Schenavar Chris Schenavar
paul paul
Curt Myrick PT Curt Myrick PT
Nathan Paxman Nathan Paxman
Mkdutah Mkdutah
Timothy Barnes Timothy Barnes
Don Tunstall Don Tunstall
azdiscdr azdiscdr
Michael Spencer Michael Spencer
daftpunk daftpunk
Jarod Vandenberg Jarod Vandenberg
Randy Pac Randy Pac
Sam Kent Sam Kent
Johnny Skelton Johnny Skelton
Tommy Tommy
Justin Chisholm Justin Chisholm
Rob Allingham Rob Allingham
Troublemaker Troublemaker
Jonathan Young Jonathan Young
Armando Martinez Armando Martinez
Brian Betit Brian Betit
Shane Harris Shane Harris
Jason Schlund Jason Schlund
David Huber David Huber
james tropp james tropp
Darren Meyers Darren Meyers
Kevin berry Kevin berry
George Brown George Brown
Keith Copeland Keith Copeland
bordenj88 bordenj88
Matt Henson Matt Henson
Jerry Ramirez Jerry Ramirez
Brian Perdue Brian Perdue
John White John White
Ray Hill Ray Hill
David Groves David Groves
Disc_Doctor Disc_Doctor
Edwin christman Edwin christman
Randall Crockett Randall Crockett
Brant Bauer Brant Bauer
Adrian Bozeman Adrian Bozeman
Tracey McAuley Tracey McAuley
Phillip Harding Phillip Harding
Eric Severy Eric Severy
Tony Rohrer Tony Rohrer
Mel Haggard Mel Haggard
Michael Berggren Michael Berggren
Terry Moreland Terry Moreland