MA40 - Amateur Master 40+ Division Points Leaders in NORTHWEST Region

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Buck Buck 'Yeah' Rich
Ted Couillard Ted Couillard
Jason Demeter Jason Demeter
Matt Van Dusen Matt Van Dusen
T J Sanders T J Sanders
Dan Brown Dan Brown
howard Dehaan howard Dehaan
Nick Klemenhagen Nick Klemenhagen
Rob Gibson Rob Gibson
Zeth Wright Zeth Wright
MaseAce MaseAce
Michael Nonne Michael Nonne
Lucas Lawrence Lucas Lawrence
Michael McAleer Michael McAleer
Carl Swanson Carl Swanson
Jerusalem. The Spider Jerusalem. The Spider
Marques Alridge Marques Alridge
John P McCarty John P McCarty
Jeremy Waters Jeremy Waters
Olin Wood Olin Wood
Jon Bongiorno Jon Bongiorno
Wolf Wolf
Don Don
Jose Licano Jose Licano
Deucebagger Deucebagger
Graham Wilken Graham Wilken
Matt Bailey Matt Bailey
Kevin Korman Kevin Korman
Jarrod Hayes Jarrod Hayes
Jared McGlinchey Jared McGlinchey
Anthony Caito Anthony Caito
Luckie Bigelow Luckie Bigelow
Jason Demeter Jason Demeter
Jonas Moser Jonas Moser
Brent Allard Brent Allard

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