Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
GChance GChance
John Scheinpflug John Scheinpflug
Soringpenguin Soringpenguin
Nick Nick
Noah Putnam Noah Putnam
Anthony Vera Anthony Vera
Niko Nicholson Niko Nicholson
Will the Thrill Will the Thrill
Donald Hawk Donald Hawk
Craig Zoebisch Craig Zoebisch
Justin Mitchell Justin Mitchell
Richard Hummel Richard Hummel
Zac Petty Zac Petty
Jaylen Mosley Jaylen Mosley
Spekle Spekle
Salamander Ray Salamander Ray
Scott Elliott II Scott Elliott II
Benjamin Loveall Benjamin Loveall
Jbrez9 Jbrez9
Austin Dubsky Austin Dubsky
Alex Ramirez Alex Ramirez
Lee Semke Lee Semke
Kyle Kyle
Ryan Ingram Ryan Ingram
Schmitty920 Schmitty920
Sean Castagnoli Sean Castagnoli
Mo Pyne Mo Pyne
Scott Baldwin Scott Baldwin
Cpaetz Cpaetz
Chaz Larned Chaz Larned
Torrance Burns Torrance Burns
Drew Halley Drew Halley
Adam Yanes Adam Yanes
Bret Fisher Bret Fisher
Tanner Tanner
Paul Fernandez Paul Fernandez
Chris Metz Chris Metz
David McPherson David McPherson
Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson
Stephanie Stephanie
No_Limits No_Limits
Elias Page Elias Page
Boaz Page Boaz Page
Tim Harviston Tim Harviston
Spud Webb Spud Webb
Morgan Hart Morgan Hart
Michael Bugbee Michael Bugbee
ahenriksen ahenriksen
brock pitzer brock pitzer
Joshua Cadle Joshua Cadle
Adam Sharp Adam Sharp
Brian Bassett Brian Bassett
Chad Lacey Chad Lacey
D Selvaggio D Selvaggio
Henry Taliman Henry Taliman
Noah Putnam Noah Putnam
kjonson kjonson
Matt Bennett Matt Bennett
Dustin Wirth Dustin Wirth
Derick Mccabe Derick Mccabe
Joe Langmeier Joe Langmeier
Marinox Marinox
Five Finger Death Putt Five Finger Death Putt
Dewey Lawrence Dewey Lawrence
Roger Jimenez Roger Jimenez
Raymond Adams Raymond Adams
Kenny Price Kenny Price
John Best John Best
Chris Metz Chris Metz
Cash Minx Cash Minx
Matthew Hamberg Matthew Hamberg
Robert Martin Robert Martin
Bogiepro Bogiepro
Charles Mathews Charles Mathews
TimboFasho TimboFasho
Cory Fisher Cory Fisher
Eric Putnam Eric Putnam
Marvin Ochoa Marvin Ochoa
Jaylen Mosley Jaylen Mosley
Brian Newton Brian Newton
Brandon Mauk Brandon Mauk
Anthony Gozum Anthony Gozum
piescaman piescaman
Jordan Jewdon Cohen Jordan Jewdon Cohen
Garrett Goodrich Garrett Goodrich
Hypeman Hypeman
Aric Stack Aric Stack
Weston Ress Weston Ress
Max Camacho Max Camacho
Patrick Putnam Patrick Putnam
Patrick Putnam Patrick Putnam
steven carrillo steven carrillo
Ahildy13 Ahildy13
Cristian Chavira Cristian Chavira
Isaiahadkins Isaiahadkins
Jason Drummond Jason Drummond
Drew Putnam Drew Putnam
Always Late Mitchell Always Late Mitchell
Patrick Putnam Patrick Putnam
John Benson John Benson
Shelby Petty Shelby Petty
Stan Johnson Stan Johnson
Richard Richard
Lane Whipple Lane Whipple
jcarlson343 jcarlson343
Jim Miller Jim Miller
charles charles
Sarah Isaac Sarah Isaac
Kay Powell Kay Powell
Nick Nation Nick Nation
Charles Plumb Charles Plumb
Brett Moses Brett Moses
JW "Big Red" Tiley JW "Big Red" Tiley
Dylan Drury Dylan Drury
Elizabeth Sortais Elizabeth Sortais
Rachel Hummel Rachel Hummel
coopTDGA coopTDGA
William Fleming William Fleming
Yousis Ayon Yousis Ayon
Vic Petersen Vic Petersen
Justin Young Justin Young
John Barkhurst John Barkhurst
Jared Fougner Jared Fougner
Bohdi Fernandez Bohdi Fernandez
Stephanie De La Cruz Stephanie De La Cruz
Sarah Isaac Sarah Isaac
randallr3 randallr3
Vanessa Hildebrand Vanessa Hildebrand
IngridLeija IngridLeija
Ingni Osorno Ingni Osorno
Kathleen Fougner Kathleen Fougner


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