Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Gregg Hammer Gregg Hammer
Dandridge Marsh Dandridge Marsh
Jeramiah Starkey Jeramiah Starkey
Kris Moffitt Kris Moffitt
Ryan Poso Ryan Poso
Skyler Mousley Skyler Mousley
Zach McFarling Zach McFarling
Brad Moulton Brad Moulton
AirJer AirJer
Brad Hasha Brad Hasha
Derek Zaragoza Derek Zaragoza
Chris Barr Chris Barr
Billy Pearson Billy Pearson
Alex Pevear Alex Pevear
Bradley Bradley
Guy Melms Guy Melms
Casey Bagozzi Casey Bagozzi
Trenton Boehm Trenton Boehm
NarkyNoTurns NarkyNoTurns
Richy Shoffner Richy Shoffner
Evan Kelly Evan Kelly
Andrew Sitzmann Andrew Sitzmann
Jordan Fox Jordan Fox
Brad Jones Brad Jones
Derek Moore Derek Moore
Rodney Jacobson Rodney Jacobson
Land0 Land0
Wes Webster Wes Webster
Mike Cassaro Mike Cassaro
Samuel Patton Samuel Patton
Srogan Srogan
Zach Johnson Zach Johnson
Arturo Del Rivero Arturo Del Rivero
ernesto vasquez ernesto vasquez
Lucas Warmerdam Lucas Warmerdam
Manny Engberson Manny Engberson
Paul Bigelow Paul Bigelow
Kevin Reich Kevin Reich
Douglas Barnes Douglas Barnes
Ben Ben
Adalberto Hernandez Adalberto Hernandez
Adam Vasquez Adam Vasquez
DLArismendi DLArismendi
Andrew Lopez Andrew Lopez
Steve Buschmann Steve Buschmann
Mitchell(The Beard) Cavin Mitchell(The Beard) Cavin
Matias Arola Matias Arola
Ty Miller Ty Miller
Sal Jacquez Sal Jacquez
Steven Michael Steven Michael
Ryan Renko Ryan Renko
DrivingDrew DrivingDrew
Dustin Shelden Dustin Shelden
James De La Rosa James De La Rosa
Jason Cabral Jason Cabral
Joseph Wood Joseph Wood
Jett Livingston Jett Livingston
Garrett Dupree Garrett Dupree
cjnakayama cjnakayama
Drake Avila Drake Avila
Ronnie Coleman Ronnie Coleman
Nathan Heron Nathan Heron
Trevon Williams Trevon Williams
Dylan Haumeder Dylan Haumeder
dlineback dlineback
Joesharp Joesharp
Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert
Eric Lundahl Eric Lundahl
Brandon Ramirez Brandon Ramirez
Chris McCole Chris McCole
Patrick Weers Patrick Weers
Michael Kennedy Michael Kennedy
Matthew Fox Matthew Fox
befamous7 befamous7
Anthony Merry Anthony Merry
Alex Carrell Alex Carrell
BigBird BigBird
Dominic Drozdowicz Dominic Drozdowicz
Michael Lopez Michael Lopez
Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs
Kevin Wood Kevin Wood
Chris Eldredge Chris Eldredge
Albert Liberini Albert Liberini
yoitscoach yoitscoach
James Paulo James Paulo
Rusty Miller Rusty Miller
Will Collins Will Collins
Jason Woods Jason Woods
acjons acjons
g4mb1e g4mb1e
Christopher Rodriguez Christopher Rodriguez
Andy Burton Andy Burton
Whitetrashmike Whitetrashmike
Aaron “Buck” Gandy Aaron “Buck” Gandy
Adam Pelayo Adam Pelayo
Erik Cooper Erik Cooper
Tullin Valdez Tullin Valdez
Bizl Bizl
Justin Bodily Justin Bodily
I love to get out and throw. I love to get out and throw.
David Dickhens David Dickhens
Mark Hauser Mark Hauser
Steven Fultz Steven Fultz
Dennis Hill Dennis Hill
Joseph Behny Joseph Behny
Erek Morton Erek Morton
Jason Harrison Jason Harrison
James Pina James Pina
Ky Caldon Ky Caldon
Dan Hibdon Dan Hibdon
Dan Slavec Dan Slavec
Albert Liberini Albert Liberini
Mark Brown Mark Brown
Mariano Hernandez Mariano Hernandez
Steven Morton Steven Morton
Robert Myren Robert Myren
Tyler Wallace Tyler Wallace
Alex Bossen Alex Bossen
Arno Lopez Arno Lopez
Darren Mounts Darren Mounts
Connor Henderson Connor Henderson
JC Quiambao JC Quiambao
DJ Muses DJ Muses
Birk Birk
Renaud Travadon Renaud Travadon
Peter Ward Peter Ward
S Dave Piper S Dave Piper
Robert Bare Robert Bare
Steve Carrell Steve Carrell
Patrick Boyle Patrick Boyle
Carlos Perales Carlos Perales
Jay Shelton Jay Shelton
Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson
Doug Kuehne Doug Kuehne
Andy Johnson Andy Johnson
Rodney Cabral Rodney Cabral
Rob Serna Rob Serna
CDGC Will Da Thrill Lynch CDGC Will Da Thrill Lynch
Benagain Benagain
Craig Craig
Dubb Wilson Dubb Wilson
Erik Furze Erik Furze
Josh Thompson Josh Thompson
Joshua Schmidt Joshua Schmidt
Mark Bohn Mark Bohn
Nate Gonzalez Nate Gonzalez
James Stafford James Stafford
ToneLoker ToneLoker
Alex Mauche Alex Mauche
Chris Taylor Chris Taylor
Edward albin Edward albin
Jud Sheffield Jud Sheffield
John Hallford John Hallford
Robert Ruddell Robert Ruddell
Timothy R Scott Timothy R Scott
Andrew H Andrew H
bdelgad bdelgad
Lance Feliciano Lance Feliciano
Travis Lodes Travis Lodes
Chopfather Chopfather
Stephen Cregor Stephen Cregor
Mike Partridge Mike Partridge
Nicholas Rathbun Nicholas Rathbun
Mike Bailey Mike Bailey
Shane Crowl Shane Crowl
Todd Cline Todd Cline
Greg Roberts Greg Roberts
Craig Myren Craig Myren
James Cagle James Cagle
Kevin Cotner Kevin Cotner
Josh Fluke Josh Fluke
John Chrostowski John Chrostowski
RedwoodJP RedwoodJP
Jeremy Cole Jeremy Cole
Mike Maryman Mike Maryman
Serenity Madison Serenity Madison
Sean Cline Sean Cline
Sonia McNally Sonia McNally
Kenneth Griffith Kenneth Griffith
Josh Talaugon Josh Talaugon
Ken Wiles Ken Wiles
Jesse Johnson Jesse Johnson
eric roth eric roth
Alex Von Stade Alex Von Stade
Brandon Hill Brandon Hill
Ow3nsparks Ow3nsparks
Matt Schreiner Matt Schreiner
Matt Lopez C.O. Bethel Music Publishing Matt Lopez C.O. Bethel Music Publishing
Shawn owen Shawn owen
Ron C. Ron C.
Billy Yee Billy Yee
dylan smith dylan smith
Jenn Diggs Jenn Diggs
Farrah Wayne Farrah Wayne
Kris Kurk Kris Kurk
Austin Morehead Austin Morehead
Rhi Langlois Rhi Langlois
Scott Peterson Scott Peterson
Mike Ristuccia Mike Ristuccia
Michelle Partridge Michelle Partridge
Branson Ritter Branson Ritter
Jason Williams Jason Williams
Kevin Leach Kevin Leach
Kayla Eldredge Kayla Eldredge
Carlos N Juaquin Carlos N Juaquin
Austin Weers Austin Weers
Rooster Rooster
Michael Garibay Michael Garibay
Polly Taylor Polly Taylor
Brian Henderson Brian Henderson
Daniel Quezada Daniel Quezada
Franklin Pevear Franklin Pevear
Scramboldt Scramboldt
Chato Salazar Chato Salazar
Chris Raudenbush Chris Raudenbush
sperales sperales
Matthew Griffith Matthew Griffith
Roberto Gonzales Roberto Gonzales
Christine Lockhart Christine Lockhart
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller
Denise Schreiner Denise Schreiner
Jesse Powell Jesse Powell
Jeridgas Jeridgas
Jon Dominguez Jon Dominguez
Joy Gillespie Joy Gillespie
Ashtin Weers Ashtin Weers


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