MA3 - Recreational Division Points Leaders in Colorado

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Devin Brewer Devin Brewer
Brian Porter Brian Porter
Jay Van Loenen Jay Van Loenen
Ryan Volak Ryan Volak
Michael Roth Michael Roth
lazrman778 lazrman778
BrewMasterKG BrewMasterKG
Mason Morgan Mason Morgan
Luke Fitzsimmons Luke Fitzsimmons
Jordan Elizondo Jordan Elizondo
Schmikey Schmikey
Dustin Tucker Dustin Tucker
Phillip Jones Phillip Jones
Brandon Shean Brandon Shean
Leo Miller Leo Miller
Zander Lynch Zander Lynch
Dom Dom
The Dude The Dude
Nick MItchell Nick MItchell
Julian Gonalez Julian Gonalez
Jason Mabrey Jason Mabrey
JT Taylor JT Taylor
Kyle Breith Kyle Breith
Jesse Otto Jesse Otto
Isaiah Volcic Isaiah Volcic
Johannes Kanas Johannes Kanas
Jon Dudley Jon Dudley
Jonathan Vega Jonathan Vega
sprezie sprezie
Christian Volcic Christian Volcic
Tim Fallon Tim Fallon
Andrew Reitinger Andrew Reitinger
Taylor Stevens Taylor Stevens
Angelmonster Angelmonster
Zack Mosley Zack Mosley
Tony Kubly Tony Kubly
Preston Martak Preston Martak
Zack Saunders Zack Saunders
Travis Chavez Travis Chavez
John (stryth@ Google THN) Lewis John (stryth@ Google THN) Lewis
maddogmazz maddogmazz
Joe Della Penna Joe Della Penna
Arthur Paul Arthur Paul
eston holland eston holland
Dawson Lynch Dawson Lynch
Justin Hunt Justin Hunt
Gary Cooper Gary Cooper
Corey Weins Corey Weins
Jason Coriz Jason Coriz
adbryant adbryant
Treyton Harrison Treyton Harrison
ParkerSturm ParkerSturm
Nathan Gilles Nathan Gilles
Elijah Przybylinski Elijah Przybylinski
Isac Licano Isac Licano
Tyler Roberts Tyler Roberts
Ryan See Ryan See
Terell Walker Terell Walker
Dallas Hughes Dallas Hughes
Michael Sander Michael Sander
Michael Doman Michael Doman
Jordan Trabant Jordan Trabant
Brad Boden Brad Boden
Robert Shifty Robert Shifty

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