Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Cody Ayers Cody Ayers
Gavin Williams Gavin Williams
Nathan johnson Nathan johnson
Richard P Stagers Richard P Stagers
Andrew Holladay Andrew Holladay
Austin doda Austin doda
Mark Costanzo Mark Costanzo
Luke Chittenden Luke Chittenden
MitchMoeller MitchMoeller
Dcon Dcon
Logan Sunvold Logan Sunvold
Jeff Yanda Jeff Yanda
Isaac Isaac
Sid Blommers Sid Blommers
Cole Wheeldon Cole Wheeldon
Dustin Schulz Dustin Schulz
Jace Leanhart Jace Leanhart
Hunter Condit Hunter Condit
Christopher Marshall Christopher Marshall
Carl Lovell Carl Lovell
Tyler Lubben Tyler Lubben
Kalen Renshaw Kalen Renshaw
ryno13j ryno13j
Curtis Curtis
Snapple Brown Snapple Brown
Kevin Williams Kevin Williams
Darren Darren
Clint Evans Clint Evans
Patrick Rush Patrick Rush
Jordan Leanhart Jordan Leanhart
Norbert Sarsfield Norbert Sarsfield
Archer Archer
Kyle Mitterer Kyle Mitterer
Matt Wieben Matt Wieben
Jimmie Stroud Jimmie Stroud
Kevin Herink Kevin Herink
Rob Johnson Rob Johnson
Shawn Leonard Shawn Leonard
Adam Clymer Adam Clymer
Ellie Ellie
E Sash E Sash
Dehrik Bevins Dehrik Bevins
Graham Lytch Graham Lytch
Jesse Henderson Jesse Henderson
Brian Denemark Brian Denemark
Joe Sanchez Joe Sanchez
Jason Beery Jason Beery
Garrett Goodwin Garrett Goodwin
Discin Discin'Cider49514
David Beery David Beery
Michael Sandbulte Michael Sandbulte
Kenny Campbell Kenny Campbell
Aaron Loso Aaron Loso
Martinez32 Martinez32
Alec Welborn Alec Welborn
Chris Meyers Chris Meyers
Joe Sloma Joe Sloma
Gus Bunnell Gus Bunnell
Seane Seane
Mason Borich Mason Borich
Rick Gaylord Rick Gaylord
Ryan Flanagan Ryan Flanagan
Chris Roorda Chris Roorda
shakatak shakatak
Mitch Goodmanson Mitch Goodmanson
Kyle Divelbiss Kyle Divelbiss
Sean Gilbert Sean Gilbert
Slingshot Slingshot
Alaan VanDerVeer Alaan VanDerVeer
Ben Rowley Ben Rowley
Alex Flesher Alex Flesher
Jacob Shaffer Jacob Shaffer
Joshua Myers Joshua Myers
Samuel Schauer Samuel Schauer
Seth Vance Seth Vance
Todd Appleby Todd Appleby
John Marlay II John Marlay II
thedoc1876 thedoc1876
Clayton Nelson Clayton Nelson
Tyler Vermeer Tyler Vermeer
ghost13 ghost13
Dalten Lehman Dalten Lehman
Grant Carpenter Grant Carpenter
Zach Emberlin Zach Emberlin
Zachary Lee Zachary Lee
Joseph Becker Joseph Becker
Gerardo Alvarez Gerardo Alvarez
Jason Atterberry Jason Atterberry
Jennifer Snook Jennifer Snook
Jesse Martin Jesse Martin
Jim Knudson Jim Knudson
Travis Shipp Travis Shipp
Scott Ullrick Scott Ullrick
KiyLasley KiyLasley
Sally Kron Sally Kron
Conner Simmons Conner Simmons
Doug Foust Doug Foust
Cody Bowers Cody Bowers
Eric Visscher Eric Visscher
Sam Rowe Sam Rowe
Neils Johnson Neils Johnson
Kyle Bates Kyle Bates
Travis Almond Travis Almond
My Profile My Profile
John Ruby John Ruby
Jim Bevins Jim Bevins
Jamie Cale Jamie Cale
Boone Boten Boone Boten
Michael Marshall Michael Marshall
Jprestonesquier Jprestonesquier
Jessica Foust Jessica Foust
Bruce Heckart Bruce Heckart
Calvin EVINS Calvin EVINS
Mike Wulbecker Mike Wulbecker
The Storm The Storm
Brode Hills Brode Hills
Jacob Schutz Jacob Schutz
Richard Johnson Richard Johnson
William Sjullie William Sjullie
Cade Boten Cade Boten
Seth Beason Seth Beason
Levi Moore Levi Moore


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