Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
lynnx67 lynnx67
RJ Rogers RJ Rogers
Matthew Mayfield Matthew Mayfield
Daniel Daniel
Christopher Rosen Christopher Rosen
Taylor Schultz Taylor Schultz
Kasey Montonini Kasey Montonini
James Willson James Willson
Austin Lunce Austin Lunce
Brandon Matice Brandon Matice
Zachary Vonbulin Zachary Vonbulin
DiscGolfVegas DiscGolfVegas
Evan Evan
Andy Moering Andy Moering
Chris Warfield Chris Warfield
Jimmy Miranda Jimmy Miranda
Labis Kragaris Labis Kragaris
Michael Kirschbaum Michael Kirschbaum
3echo9 3echo9
Kenneth Neil Kirkpatrick Kenneth Neil Kirkpatrick
Leith Norman Leith Norman
Robert Schultz Robert Schultz
MarkApuan MarkApuan
Jacob Rusk Jacob Rusk
Trevor Stegall Trevor Stegall
Rgm79pilot Rgm79pilot
Nathan Sage Nathan Sage
Steve Steve
Thomas Hodge Thomas Hodge
Austin Jarrell Austin Jarrell
Jason Nelson Jason Nelson
michael bischoff michael bischoff
eagle eye eagle eye
Jordan Stout Jordan Stout
GregHoldridge GregHoldridge
Corey DeMaio Corey DeMaio
sam anderson sam anderson
Ryan Coiner Ryan Coiner
Mark J Morton Mark J Morton
Bizzler Bizzler
Ryan Wilson Ryan Wilson
Manny Urquilla Manny Urquilla
Noahkersenbrock Noahkersenbrock
Ramon De Guzman Ramon De Guzman
Dustin Austin Otis Dustin Austin Otis
Erik Carlson Erik Carlson
Steven Kelso Steven Kelso
The Monty Python The Monty Python
Patrick Morrison Patrick Morrison
Matt Short Matt Short
Klaus Dongmann Klaus Dongmann
Josh Mays Josh Mays
Jimmie Valentin Jimmie Valentin
Dustin Tatman Dustin Tatman
Corey Hoffman Corey Hoffman
Benjamin.Schultz Benjamin.Schultz
Brian Moore Brian Moore
TheNikonRocer TheNikonRocer
Kevin Conant Kevin Conant
Chris manning Chris manning
Lvcubfan Lvcubfan
Timothy McGeorge Timothy McGeorge
Rob Allingham Rob Allingham
Jon-Paul Hucke Jon-Paul Hucke
Evan Carlson Evan Carlson
Danny Durant Danny Durant
baadBiscuits baadBiscuits
Deona Werth Deona Werth
Edward Higgins Edward Higgins
Jason Smith Jason Smith
kris lawless kris lawless
Kyle Horvath Kyle Horvath
Randy Isgriggs Randy Isgriggs
Paul Chosy Paul Chosy
Gary Rubel Gary Rubel
Dallas Williams Dallas Williams
Steve Higs Steve Higs
MFusco6 MFusco6
Skylar McKay Skylar McKay
Valerie Steinbaum Valerie Steinbaum
NateCruz NateCruz
Michael Broyles Michael Broyles
Amanda Mitchell Amanda Mitchell
Ryan Kokrda Ryan Kokrda
Ivy Reinhardt Ivy Reinhardt
Michael Rogers Michael Rogers
Max Dalvey Max Dalvey
Julie Bradshaw Julie Bradshaw
Karl Wudtke Karl Wudtke
Chris Trzaska Chris Trzaska
Shawn Shu Shu Stanley Shawn Shu Shu Stanley
Kelly Morris Kelly Morris
Theresa Guerra Theresa Guerra


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