MA3 - Recreational Division Points Leaders in Nevada

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Austin Lunce Austin Lunce
Jimmy Miranda Jimmy Miranda
Michael Kirschbaum Michael Kirschbaum
MarkApuan MarkApuan
Jacob Rusk Jacob Rusk
Trevor Stegall Trevor Stegall
Christopher Rosen Christopher Rosen
Robert Schultz Robert Schultz
Nathan Sage Nathan Sage
Jason Nelson Jason Nelson
Rgm79pilot Rgm79pilot
GregHoldridge GregHoldridge
Bizzler Bizzler
Ryan Wilson Ryan Wilson
Manny Urquilla Manny Urquilla
Ramon De Guzman Ramon De Guzman
Klaus Dongmann Klaus Dongmann
The Monty Python The Monty Python
Patrick Morrison Patrick Morrison
Matt Short Matt Short
Benjamin.Schultz Benjamin.Schultz
Brian Moore Brian Moore
Kevin Conant Kevin Conant
TheNikonRocer TheNikonRocer
Danny Durant Danny Durant
Dallas Williams Dallas Williams
NateCruz NateCruz
Michael Broyles Michael Broyles
Chris Trzaska Chris Trzaska

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