MA1 - Advanced Division Points Leaders in Oregon

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Matthew Hill Matthew Hill
Michael Robinson Michael Robinson
Jeb Anderson Jeb Anderson
Cole Redalen Cole Redalen
Sean Martin Sean Martin
Zach Murphy Zach Murphy
Jason Hardin Jason Hardin
Rafa Rafa
Zachary Todd Zachary Todd
Mitchell bivens Mitchell bivens
Jesus Cruz Jesus Cruz
luke luke
laurence anderson laurence anderson
Jordan Collmann Jordan Collmann
Manny Manny
TJ Mills TJ Mills
Shade Harrison Shade Harrison
Joshua Delafield Joshua Delafield
MajikLotus MajikLotus
Austin Austin
Daniel Jones Daniel Jones
Eric T Eric T
Nick Skaale Nick Skaale
Nick wolter Nick wolter
Chunder Mifflin Chunder Mifflin
Charles Larson Charles Larson
Daniel Nonne Daniel Nonne
Drew Smernes Drew Smernes
Jared Young Jared Young
Brandon Hansell Brandon Hansell
Andrew Cooper Andrew Cooper
Bpeura Bpeura
Josh Warner Josh Warner
Rick Peterson Rick Peterson
Micah Ellis Micah Ellis
Joe Nelson Joe Nelson
Bern52001 Bern52001
Jamesleon94 Jamesleon94
Epidimick Epidimick
Doeke Doeke
The Disc Doc The Disc Doc
Amcgett Amcgett
Jad Rihan Jad Rihan
BuzzzJmac BuzzzJmac
Jesse Hickerson Jesse Hickerson
Matthew Rowe Matthew Rowe
Jojo Armijo Jojo Armijo
Bryan Bryan
Jon Youngbar Jon Youngbar
Sky Sevcik Sky Sevcik
augie augie
Brandon Vaughan Brandon Vaughan
Zachary Fisher Zachary Fisher
Steve Aliberti Steve Aliberti
Micah Morehead Micah Morehead
whitesea whitesea
Cameron Kemper Cameron Kemper
Lucas Castanon Lucas Castanon
Shawn Madden Shawn Madden
andyr_p215 andyr_p215
Jimmy Moore Jimmy Moore
Blake Bottaro Blake Bottaro
Paul Beck Paul Beck
Nate Hoxmeier Nate Hoxmeier
chris brown chris brown
John Froelich John Froelich
Evan Reynolds Evan Reynolds
Levi Levi
Chris Chris
Zac Zac
Justin Stanton Justin Stanton