Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
Derek Mourad Derek Mourad
Chase Ojala Chase Ojala
josh.aaron josh.aaron
JHoff113076 JHoff113076
DerekHeaton1982 DerekHeaton1982
Travis Crawford Travis Crawford
Christopher Hirn Christopher Hirn
Bryant Stone Bryant Stone
Nels Winn Nels Winn
Matt Oberstaller Matt Oberstaller
Brent Rayburn Brent Rayburn
James Templeton James Templeton
Brandon Evans Brandon Evans
Nathan Piwonski Nathan Piwonski
Phillip_Raschkow Phillip_Raschkow
Steven Blaine Steven Blaine
Jordan Hoglund Jordan Hoglund
Gregory Temple Gregory Temple
Brett Lucero Brett Lucero
Dan Dunbar Dan Dunbar
Jimmy Templeton Jimmy Templeton
Chrisk Chrisk
Benjamin Cobb Benjamin Cobb
Jessica Waugh Jessica Waugh
Jesse Jesse
MaseAce MaseAce
Taylor Sharpes Taylor Sharpes
howard Dehaan howard Dehaan
Kabeeb Kabeeb
Matthew Mulkins Matthew Mulkins
Boshjurke Boshjurke
Whalen Whalen
Justin Cox Justin Cox
Jsmooth Jsmooth
Scotti Lewis Scotti Lewis
JonesIN JonesIN
Jamie Coble Jamie Coble
Antonio Santiago Antonio Santiago
Rob Gibson Rob Gibson
Matthew Farnham Matthew Farnham
Jordan Muegge Jordan Muegge
Noah Baker Noah Baker
Rob Roth Rob Roth
Jacob Gilmore Jacob Gilmore
Jared Jons Jared Jons
Tyler Gamboa Tyler Gamboa
Dan Brown Dan Brown
Josh Wallace Josh Wallace
Twiggy Twiggy
Tanner Owens Tanner Owens
Jakeb Hammond Jakeb Hammond
Alba Lawrence Alba Lawrence
Emily Barringer Emily Barringer
Sethbates5 Sethbates5
Ryan Degner Ryan Degner
Matthew Bridges Matthew Bridges
Zachary Miller Zachary Miller
Danny Lee Priest Danny Lee Priest
jhowell92 jhowell92
Adam Sheridan Adam Sheridan
Cameron Cooke Cameron Cooke
Connor Clayton Connor Clayton
Tyler Downing Tyler Downing
Chris Hatton Chris Hatton
Keith Osmonson Keith Osmonson
boltiworld boltiworld
Jarrett NeSmith 54107 Jarrett NeSmith 54107
Greg Knapp Greg Knapp
Cody Williams Cody Williams
shawn barnett shawn barnett
Shawn Barnett Shawn Barnett
Ian Buchanan Ian Buchanan
Jeremiah Briere Jeremiah Briere
Steven Hooks Steven Hooks
Erm Erm
Mark Artache Mark Artache
Rspears Rspears
Orion Royster Orion Royster
Cal Mayer Cal Mayer
Antonio Santiago Antonio Santiago
Benjamin Widdison Benjamin Widdison
Bhrahsten Waugh Bhrahsten Waugh
Jared Bogi Jared Bogi
Nate Shelden Nate Shelden
TheJediWright TheJediWright
Deane Phillips Deane Phillips
Brandan Lente Brandan Lente
Bruce Swiney-Weaver Bruce Swiney-Weaver
dice568 dice568
Orin Haynes Orin Haynes
Eric Hughes Eric Hughes
Clay Layton Clay Layton
Tom Wade Tom Wade
Zachery Laycock Zachery Laycock
Austin Forrest Austin Forrest
Aaron Olson Aaron Olson
Adam Hill Adam Hill
Cole Larson Cole Larson
Malcolmest Malcolmest
squattch12 squattch12
Thomas Kulczak Thomas Kulczak
MarkHill67 MarkHill67
Zeth Wright Zeth Wright
Tommy Marchant Tommy Marchant
Mayo Mayo
Jakeb Hammond Jakeb Hammond
ChaseP1120 ChaseP1120
Chris Gott Chris Gott
Kyle Darland Kyle Darland
Sterling Ray-Emerson Sterling Ray-Emerson
David Laxson David Laxson
Eric Teachout Eric Teachout
Birdy chaser Birdy chaser
Jeremy John Jeremy John
Bruce Spellman Bruce Spellman
Sean Cain Sean Cain
Patrick Keskey Patrick Keskey
Mitchell Dorman Mitchell Dorman
Micah Dallman Micah Dallman
Matt johnson Matt johnson
Trevor Hill Trevor Hill
Blade Blade
Quisto Oucharek Quisto Oucharek
Jimstacey Jimstacey
Captain Mustard Captain Mustard
Brian Janzen Brian Janzen
Ben Phillips Ben Phillips
J.R. Stengele J.R. Stengele
Ryan Foss Ryan Foss
Kirby Overman Kirby Overman
JoelGleghorn3 JoelGleghorn3
Jordan Samuelson Jordan Samuelson
K.J. McLean K.J. McLean
Ron Foster Ron Foster
Craig Woeck Craig Woeck
A_paschal7 A_paschal7
Andrew Kelly Andrew Kelly
Mike Ollerman Mike Ollerman
Michael McAleer Michael McAleer
Adam Desimone Adam Desimone
CalebLeeBrown CalebLeeBrown
George Bash George Bash
AJ Hansen AJ Hansen
Luke Mollerup Luke Mollerup
Nicholas Button Nicholas Button
Gerrit Van Otten Gerrit Van Otten
Jason Morgan Jason Morgan
Jared McGlinchey Jared McGlinchey
Thomas Garcia Thomas Garcia
Scott Marson Scott Marson
Sean Saxer Sean Saxer
Marques Alridge Marques Alridge
Macklin Hamilton Macklin Hamilton
Omaha58 Omaha58
Rick Burns Rick Burns
David May David May
Aaron Williams Aaron Williams
Jeremy Waters Jeremy Waters
Craig Johnson Craig Johnson
Walter Kasprzycki Walter Kasprzycki
Dave Hardman Dave Hardman
bottomturnbuckle bottomturnbuckle
BTilton12 BTilton12
Brad Kelley Brad Kelley
Chris Williams Chris Williams
Chris Haynes Chris Haynes
Nicholaus Miley Nicholaus Miley
Njprado Njprado
Timothy Cotton Timothy Cotton
Mark Pervinich Mark Pervinich
Shad barrientos Shad barrientos
Peter Jacobson Peter Jacobson
James James
SmithBernie SmithBernie
LysWeatherford LysWeatherford
Walkert1979 Walkert1979
Purks Purks
Adam Sheridan Adam Sheridan
Cooper Burdick Cooper Burdick
Brian Storrs Brian Storrs
Cameron Patterson Cameron Patterson
Josh Blue Josh Blue
Jose Licano Jose Licano
Nate Nate
Rob Dean Rob Dean
Ksmith Ksmith
Chris G Chris G
Corban Phillips Corban Phillips
Graham Wilken Graham Wilken
jchoi jchoi
Michael McQueeney Michael McQueeney
Paul Bickford Paul Bickford
DG_Nicole_Marie DG_Nicole_Marie
Tim Pearson Tim Pearson
Ryan Ulrich Ryan Ulrich
Kenneth Caruso Kenneth Caruso
Lane Bentley Lane Bentley
Rob Mapes Rob Mapes
Randy Ivie Randy Ivie
Elias Little Elias Little
Jacob Fossing Jacob Fossing
CritiCole CritiCole
Brian Storrs Brian Storrs
Callie Mah Callie Mah
Adam Adam
Chris Planck Chris Planck
Rodney Marohl Rodney Marohl
Jon Senger Jon Senger
Kenzie Kenzie
Kory Jackson Kory Jackson
Paige Soper Paige Soper
Carlos Correa Carlos Correa
jimba1 jimba1
Jacob Andresen Jacob Andresen
Doug Morgan Doug Morgan
E Squared E Squared
Duke Dolezal Duke Dolezal
David Wilkins David Wilkins
Hayden Thompson Hayden Thompson
Chris Knapp Chris Knapp
Nicholas Lerma Nicholas Lerma
PhilFromWA PhilFromWA
Jonathan Israeli Jonathan Israeli
Eric Phinney Eric Phinney
Gene Marks Gene Marks
El Guapo El Guapo
Jason Meacham Jason Meacham
Jim Van Scyoc Jim Van Scyoc
Juan Peralta Juan Peralta
Pierce Parnell Pierce Parnell
Serena Johnson Serena Johnson
Sydney Jones Sydney Jones
Luckie Bigelow Luckie Bigelow
Erin Sutton Erin Sutton
Asher Weideman Asher Weideman
Reed Coke Reed Coke
Aldaddy Aldaddy
Rachelle Peck Rachelle Peck
Todd Boodt Todd Boodt
Carl Wark Carl Wark
Dennis Good Dennis Good
Denny LaPlante Denny LaPlante
Dane Oldfield Dane Oldfield
Jason Tingle Jason Tingle
Jacob Jacob
Ciara Griffus Ciara Griffus
Bob Carsrud Bob Carsrud
Breann Ipsen Breann Ipsen
Brian O. Brian O.
sc0tty0ung sc0tty0ung
Jessica Griffitts Jessica Griffitts
Sterling Officer Sterling Officer
Dax Fielding Dax Fielding
Rayne Schumacher Rayne Schumacher
Nathanael Wright Nathanael Wright
Jake Lain Jake Lain
Collin Hayden Collin Hayden
Jay Smith Jay Smith
Carter Ahrens Carter Ahrens
Keoni Kahala Keoni Kahala
Landon Cross Landon Cross
John Stratton John Stratton
Jchambers20 Jchambers20
The Corndog Bandit The Corndog Bandit
John P McCarty John P McCarty
Jordan Steigman Jordan Steigman
Dawson Lilley Dawson Lilley
Marco R Marco R
kevin m kevin m
Cole Maurmann Cole Maurmann
Npower Npower
Gorgie Zaragoza Gorgie Zaragoza
Shane139216 Shane139216
jorge shelhamer jorge shelhamer
Kip Olson Kip Olson
Ryan Bacon Ryan Bacon
#75158 #75158
ChrisHirn ChrisHirn
Pete Molinero Pete Molinero
Travis Blodgett Travis Blodgett
Ted Couillard Ted Couillard
Michael Babcock Michael Babcock
Rwm Rwm
Nick Vice Nick Vice
Tyler Ahrens Tyler Ahrens
Matt Van Dusen Matt Van Dusen
Slushy Slushy
isellereite isellereite
Braden Demark Braden Demark
DarkWingDisk DarkWingDisk
Nyef Mohamed Nyef Mohamed


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